Thankful Tree: A Schmitt House Interpetation

I think the blogosphere pretty well covered this project last year, but the my house did not get around to it then. This year, however, I’m happy to report The Schmitt House has incorporated a new tradition into the month of November. A thankful tree!

If you’ve never heard of a thankful tree, the premise is simple; You begin with a bare ‘tree’ and add ‘leaves’. On each leaf is a little note about what you (or whoever) is thankful for.

Every day, I force  everyone takes a minute and tries to think of one thing they are grateful for. No repeating allowed (my rule).It’s really cute to ask Kennedy what she’s thankful for, she started out with answers like “Tinkerbelle” and “Fruit snacks” but recently she’s shifted her responses to be more people-oriented, like “Papa.” It seems even the two-year-old is getting something out of our new tradition! By the way-, she has yet to say she is thankful for Mommy, but I didn’t really expect it, anyway. I’m have another twenty years before she feels any gratitude toward me.)

As for the construction, it was super easy. I went outside, gathered a bunch of sticks and tied one end together with a ribbon. Then I poured some coffee beans in a vase and stuck my stick bouquet in. For the leaves, I used a circle punch and a hole punch on some left over fall-ish colored card stock. Then I grabbed a bunch of sharpies (also fall-ish themed) and stuck them in the coffee beans too. Easy peasy.

I’m so proud of myself for doing this! Every year I say I’m going to go all out, and really make the house magical for the holidays. And every year it seems we barely get our tree up in time for Christmas Eve, much less set up a mantle, or hang mistletoe… Heck, we are lucky get the all Christmas presents wrapped in time! So this my friends is a new beginning for the holiday season!

It’s a great tradition! (I’ll be sad to see it go!) What holiday traditions have you started? Did you do a thankful tree? Or are there any traditions you’ve been meaning to start, but haven’t gotten around to it? Can you believe turkey day is only about a week away? Where did the time go?


Happy Halloween!

We’ve got ourselves a clown this Halloween! See last year’s Halloween’s post here.


Top hat inspired by this tutorial.

Tutu inspired by one of hundreds of tutorial’s online.

Flower Power, an Easter Tradition?

New Year’s Resolution # 5- Decorate the house for every holiday.

Ok, confession, I lost the list. I’m not sure what number it was but I know the resolution was on there. And so far I’ve failed miserably at it. I really, really want to get into the spirit of every holiday for the munchkin’s sake. I want her childhood to be nothing short of magical, and holidays are like a shortcut to magic. But it takes time… and planning. I better start prepping for the 4th now.

While we managed to squeeze in  something like 5 separate Easter Egg Hunts, we didn’t hang a single Easter decoration. It was mainly because I arrived home (after 5 weeks away) three days before Easter. No time to get creative and I wasn’t about to spend a ton of cash on something that would be marked 50 percent off with in a fortnight. It’s a pale substitution, but here’s what we did instead:

Bright yellow flowers. (They are zinnias, maybe?)

And bright purple tulips.

They may not spell out Happy Easter, and can’t be draped across the mantle, but they are most certainly the very definition of spring. And fresh flowers make everyone a little happier. (I’d be willing to bet there is a study out there that proves this!) And in total it cost about 6.00 dollars. I am still determined to one day hang an Easter wreath on my door (and perhaps display an Easter Bunny in every room), but perhaps this year is the first year of of a new Schmitt House tradition, the tradition of Easter Flowers (although maybe we could tweak the tradition so they are purchased by a very thoughtful husband… ahem.. that’s a hint my dear. You know we never get anything perfect the first time.)

So what are your traditions? And how did they come about? Tell me all about them! Obviously, I need some ideas! And how are your resolutions coming along? Am I the only one still thinking (from time to time) about them?

An Especially Extra Special Easter

After five weeks, we are a family reunited! And it couldn’t be much better. We spent the weekend in full on Easter partying mode. It was a perfect picture of great friends and family, great weather, great food, fluorescent eggs, and too much candy. The Munchkin loved it all. She loved to Easter bunny. She loved dying the the eggs. She love, love, loved Easter Egg Hunting. She caught right away. And she loved jelly beans (a little too much!) It was so much fun! I think I have a new favorite holiday!

What about you? Did you have a good Easter? Start any new traditions?

All shiny and bright

Our tree that is. We finally got it up on Sunday, and she bea-u-ti-ful!

The image is a bit grainy, but here’s last year’s tree, look how small my little munchkin is!

But on to the present(…and presents! haha). In all the previous years, our tree has been predominantly red, but this year I stole all the red ornaments for another little project. So we went with blue with a little silver and a couple of clear balls.

That’s Pierre (our roommate) and Kennedy with the naked tree. And, yes, we have a fake white tree. And, yes, I love that it’s white.

As with our previous tree decorating experience, Kennedy was less interested in the tree and more interested in pulling the ornaments apart. She’d pull the top off and go “Uh-Ooohh!” We did what we could to direct her attention to the tree itself.

Here it is in all it’s glow-y gloriousness!

Ok, just one more:

But that’s not all. We also hung our stockings. They started on the mantle, but we quickly realized that, at that height, they were just begging to be tugged down by she who toddles. So they ended up by the TV. I kind of like them there, the cover the chaos.

Devin also lit up the outside with icicles. They look so festive!

I’ve seen all those Christmas photos of babies wrapped up in Christmas lights, and I love them. I decided to give it a shot with Kennedy. Devin was like “you want to do what with my child?” But I talked him in to it. Kennedy, on the other hand, tolerated it for about 30 seconds. The problem: she didn’t like being attached to the wall.

I may try it again later, maybe further away from dinner time.

Merry Christmas!