Giddy Up, Let’s Ride!

Anyone else read that story about a thousand times? ( It’s one of Kennedy’s favorites. We’ve read it so many times that she’s committed it to memory.) The book came to life last weekend when we celebrated Kennedy’s BFF’s 3rd birthday by riding horses. This was no pony ride at the fair either.

This is Ed. I’m pretty sure he was taller than me.

She, being the toddler, was a champ though. A total natural. She loved every second of it. She was totally calm and nonchalant, as if riding a 500 pound animal was a regular occurrence. I can’t wait to take lessons together when she gets older. I had a cousin and aunt who used to do that, and I was always insanely jealous. I’m totally stealing the idea with my offspring.:)

And this is Rosie. She was a gentle giant as well.

Although I would have preferred my munchkin stick a little closer to the ground, it was a great experience. I felt like time slowed down and we were able to enjoy being a family. And, of course, it was a blast when we got to hop on the horses ourselves too! It was pretty much the perfect way to spend a beautiful Sunday morning.



After five weeks away, we are headed back home sweet home! Back to Daddy. Back to the doggies. Back to her toys and my never-ending list of projects! In the meantime, as I wait patiently to feel the gloriousness that is my own pillow under my head, allow me to share a few more moments of our Chicago trip with you.

Her first trip to American Girl Place in Chicago. Will probably be more expensive next time!

That day we also stopped by the Lego Store. The Lego Skyline was quite amazing in it’s own way.

A trip to the park… indulging in this beautiful weather.

Popcorn after a nap.

Breakfast at Ann Sather’s in Andersonville. Delish!

A visit to the Swedish Museum after.

Another afternoon at another park.

Playing with sunlight.

Wish us luck at the airport tomorrow….And have a Happy Easter!

The 30 day Challenge Day 9 and 10

The internet has been a bit wonky around our house and as a result I wasn’t able to get on yesterday to post the day’s photo. Yesterday’s topic was someone you love. That, of course, was easy peasy for me since I take pictures of a certain loveable little lady every day. Kennedy and I were just lounging around the house when I snapped this one.

Other than that random paw it is not immediately obvious, but she’s cuddling up to our dog, Niki.

I also thought this one was interesting.

Here she is cuddling up to me. Gotta love those sweet moments!

Today’s challenge was a childhood memory.

Yep, I hate to admit it, but I went through a serious Barbie loving phase. In fact, looking at all those bright pink boxes on the shelves at Toy’r’us today got me just a bit giddy. Then it got me thinking about some of my other childhood favorites. I used to have a dog the jumped and did flips…  received an Easy Bake Oven one Christmas… loved Disney… had 2 American Girl dolls, Felicity and Samantha… anybody remember Gak?

This little trip down memory lane was fun. What about you? What do you remember about your childhood? What toys pop up in your mind? I’d love to hear and reminisce with you!