Welcome to my little world! I’m Cara. I started this little blog a few months ago and it is still taking shape.  I am hoping that here you will find the story of my family, with a little inspiration, self expression and DIY thrown into the mix.

The main characters in my life are: My sweet little 1 year old, Kennedy Olivia. Though I like to consider myself worldly, most of my posts will probably be about her. I love her more than anything in the world, and she’s so stinkin’ adorable! My husband, Devin who is working on his PhD in Chemistry. I adore him, at least most of the time, as well. We have two dogs, Niki and Terra, and a tank full of fishies, sorry fish… (that’s life with a 1 year old)

Being a Mama and a Wife is my full time job these days (and it is way more exhausting than I ever imagined!) Although every day is not perfect, life is wonderful and I am happier than I ever have been before!

Thanks for checking us out. I hope you’ll be back often! Feel free to introduce yourself, and comment. I love comments(, who doesn’t?! But seriously, they make my day!)

Welcome again!



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