Unlimited Potential…

I’m pleased to say I made a thrift store big score the other day!

Feels very 70’s, no? Makes me want to put my hair up in a beehive and put on some go-go boots.

I’ll be the first to say it- this baby needs a lot of work. But it’s got great bones, and it was built to last. And for $9.99- it was a bargain too good to pass up! I’ve already begun tearing her apart. I can’t wait to see where this project goes.

I’m not sure where it’ll end up- initially, I was thinking I’d paint her candy apple red and stick her by the fireplace in the living room. But I’m beginning to think she’ll fit nicely in the corner of our bedroom. I haven’t found the right fabric to reupholster with yet and that, in the end, will probably be the deciding factor.

In the meantime… here’s a little chair inspiration:

reupholstered chair tutorial from YHL blog @Sherry @ Young House Love---i was just gifted a long antique bench that has to be done in a very similar way as your chair...this tutorial came at the perfect time! #younghouselove #diyReupholstered chairred chairchair reupholsteredred chair



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