Z is for Zoo

 We made like the old Cajun song and went on down to the Audobon Zoo last weekend. Kennedy came prepared- decked out in zebra attire.

A highlight for her- touching a monitor. Gave me the heebie jeebies.

And turtle. Enough said.

Shrek is currently on repeat at our house, so this donkey was a BIG hit. “That’s a nice boulder!” Maybe it’s the designer in me, but that line gets me every time!

Who needs to go see the primates with these two around?

We went with another family, who have a six month old. Having two babies to mamarazzi was so much fun that I didn’t take too many pictures of the animals.I didn’t realize it until I loaded the day’s photos on the computer. Those pictures above… are about the only ones I got. So be warned… the rest of this post contains extreme cuteness in the form of little arms and little fingers, and little noses… of the human variety.

Meet Conor.

And his family. They are visiting from California. Lucky them.

Now on the the good stuff: the babies!

I think Kennedy had a little crush. She’d randomly grab at him and try to plant one on him.

But he only had kisses for his mommy!


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