A Little Piece of Paradise

This weekend we took advantage of this amazing weather. It wasn’t all play though…. we spent the better part of Sunday mowing, weeding, planting and digging up roots. I want to say the yard looks great, but I guess that’s a relative term. A truer statement is that it looks better than it has in a long time.

We’ve never really taken advantage of the backyard, (other than letting the pups run wild back there,) Now that I am the larger half of a Mommy- Munchkin duo that spends 80% of our time at home, I’m ready to transform it to a little bit of paradise. Luckily, Kennedy’s paradise involves sunshine and a little bit of water… and my paradise primarily involves sitting back and watching her splash around. With a floppy hat. No vision of paradise is properly complete without a floppy hat. I also see a few wildflowers and maybe even a small eating area.

Nothing too complicated.

Instead of writing about a plan of action, I thought I’d show you.

The first step is already complete. Remember the seeds Little Lady and I planted?(Here) Well they’ve grown into a 4’x4′ raised vegetable garden. In fact, we had to build a second bed because there wasn’t enough room for all the plants. (FYI<,The beds are beds were built from 8 foot 1×8’s that were cut in half at the store. Devin put three nails in each corner to secure it. We dug out an area, placed the box, covered the inside area with newspaper, then filled it with the recommended amount of soil. Easy peasy.)

If you scroll back up to the first picture you’ll probably be able to guess why the second bed has no plants. We noticed some suspiciously three leafed plants growing along that back fence. A quick check with google confirmed that it’s poison oak.  Yikes! Again. This morning I bought a spray bottle that’s supposed to eliminate the stuff. Just waiting on the hubby to come home and spray it. I’ll let you know how it works. Once it’s gone, Keneddy and I will go play in the dirt, and plant some green beans.

I also bought some wildflower seeds this morning. Once all those various things leaned up against the fence are gone. I’ll spread them along the border. Hopefully it will create a sea of color that requires little or no maintenance.

This is where we spend all our time right now (far, far away from anything with three leaves.) I call it “the nook.”

I’d like to add those wildflowers and maybe a stone pathway. (Currently it’s a dirt pathway. Courtesy of our fourlegged family members.)  It may also be a good place for a small bistro table, but I haven’t really decided yet….

And finally, the heart of my paradise to be.

I’d love to DIY a canopy( a la this one from Prudent Baby). And then plop a small pool and comfy chair down. And enjoy.

And that’s it. I know it’s simple to the extreme, but my green thumb has a tinge of brown. And we’ll be moving in a year or so, so I  can’t see it being more worth my while to build a grand gazebo or carve out an intricate stone path.

What about you? Do you use your backyard? What’s your idea of paradise?


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