An Epiphany

On Tuesday I revealed my latest obsession, clocks. The obsession took root a few weeks into my trip to Chicago. I spent hours pouring over online, trying to plot a plan of action… which clock to buy, where to hang it…. maybe even how to make it. Then suddenly I realized. I had an amazing antique clock that had been sitting in storage for years. It wasn’t just an antique clock, it was a clock built by my Great-Grandfather. It was handed down to me years ago… and I treasured it. The problem was, I treasured it so much that I could never find a place worthy of hanging it. Eventually, I completely forgot about it. For years, It’s sat at the bottom of a closet.

But no more. The day after I got home we brought it out and hung it up.

It may not be quite the style I had planned on for the living room (you can read about that here) but I absolutely love it. Words can’t describe just how much. It looks like it was destined to be hung there next to the fireplace.

It makes takes the whole room to that next level, gives it whimsy and a wonderful sense of home.

And the clock itself – I love it. Now that it’s out for the world to see, keeping it hidden in the closet feels like it should be a criminal offense. I love all the details. I love that it keeps track of the date, because I can never remember. Growing up, my parents had a grandfather’s clock, So did my grandparents. I love hearing the pendulum tick tock tick tock tick tock. I love hearing the chimes that it makes every half hour. Sounds weird, but hearing those sounds makes me feel all grown up. (Anyone else ever have a hard time remembering they are in their mid-twenties?)

The story doesn’t end there. After all, I haven’t mentioned any epiphany, and what good is a title like “An Epiphany” without an epiphany?

Finally having the clock up on the wall got me thinking. What other treasures did I have that were sitting in the back of some closet? Things that I could never find quite the right place for? I don’t think of myself as a hoarder, but after only a few minutes I could think of atleast half a dozen of things. All with serious potential. That’s when I realized these objects need to come out. I was given/ purchased/ kept these objects for a particular reason. And they were all waiting for the perfect place to be (in most cases) hung. And (in most cases) the perfect place was never found. What good are any of these items sitting in a dark corner collecting dust? It makes no sense, what am I waiting for? I have a ton of blank walls, it’s time to start filling them up.

Plans are good… But not without action. So I dug these delicious red frames out of another dark corner. I bought them on super clearance at Dillard’s when I was planning Kennedy’s nursery. When color didn’t work, and they were forgotten.

The photos are from a family outing to the State Fair last fall.

The pair now lives in the living room. And just like the clock- it looks meant to be.

I feel so silly for not hanging them earlier.

Here’s a group shot of my recent accomplishments. It’s funny how hanging each thing just took a couple minutes to hang (and didn’t costa dime!) but the room has so much more personality. It’s so gratifying!

So, tell me, am I the only one that let’s beautiful things sit in storage, going to waste? Do you have any objects, patiently waiting to shine? Or perhaps you have some new addition to your walls, something that makes your home that much more complete? Tell me, tell me! I’d love to hear your stories!


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