A post about clocks

I have a new obsession. Clocks. Not exactly new to the market, but suddenly I can’t get enough of them. They are the best of both worlds; functional and decorative. And there are so many options, you can find any style, any shape, any size. And, if somehow you can’t find what you want, it’s so amazingly easy to go buy a clock kit and DIY a clock. (Atleast I’m guessing it is, I’m haven’t actually diyed a clock… yet)  Gallery wall of clocks…. admit it; reading those words you were just hit with a sense of wonder followed by a touch of giddyness at the possibilities that flew through your mind. I’m going to go ahead and call it; clocks are the next big trend.

It was hard to narrow down my favorites to a reasonable enough number to share, but here’s few of the clocks that make make me burn with envy.

Let’s start this thing off in proper Schmitt House style, with a pop of color. I can imagine this clock on almost any of the wall in my house. I adore it. To bad I can’t figure out where it’s from (any one know?) (The image is from here)


This white ceramic alarm clock from West Elm is nothing short of amazing!

white ceramic clock

Gotta love a good retro clock, like this one from Target:


What about this vintage beauty, from Restoration Hardware:


I think my favorite has to be gear clocks.Something about inner workings exposed just gets me ticking. (Pun intended!) Like this one, from World Market:

Gear Wall Art with Clock | World Market

A few more clocks, in well styled context.

Tivoli Console Table - Tuscan Chestnut stain

Via Pottery Barn

November 2011 114 1_thumb

Via 320 Sycamore

wall of clocks!

Via RH Baby and Child

Oh, I’m in love.

Is anyone else obsessed with clocks? Or is it just me? Or is there some other genius piece of decor that makes your heart skip a beat?


3 thoughts on “A post about clocks

  1. I must like clocks too. From where I am sitting right now I can see 3 clocks! A George Nelson, a West Elm white one, and another modern white one. Who knew??

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