A Morning at Heritage Farm

Next up on our Chicagoland area adventure…. A morning at Heritage Farm at the Spring Valley Nature Center.

As one would expect to see on a farm, we saw all kinds of farm animals. First up, we visited the pigs.

The giant snorting pig was a little unnerving for Kennedy. And no wonder, it must have been easily 5 times her size. (Personally, I found her to be eerily similar to a certain little white dog… We miss you, Niki)

On the other hand, the baby piglets were right up her alley.  These little lovelies were too small to be confined by  the fence, and they had free run of the farm. Baby girl was ready to jump in the mud with them.

The piglet butts were just too darling!

They were a little skittish. At one point, some guy across the farm coughed, and they ran right for us. I went into overprotective Mama Bear mode and freaked out. For a split second I actually thought they were going to stampede us! Ridiculous, I know! Just in the nick of time they veered left and squeezed under the fence, and into Mommy pig’s protection.

The Munchkin was all smiles. These days I get more pictures of the back of her head than anything else, but she on this day she gleefully posed and smiled at the camera.

Then we headed over to the barn, where the cows and horses live.

We found more babies inside the barn. Two calves, each about a month old. Turns out that babies, no matter what the species, cause trouble. This one went after my coffee cup. And womp, womp… He succeeded.

I’m pretty sure the other calf was jealous. Look at him eyeing the cup. Guess that settles it, cows like coffee too.

So there’s the highlights for you. Despite almost being trampled by piglets and a cow tongue in my latte, it was a wonderful morning at the farm.


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