We’ve been in Chicago and it’s suburbs for almost two weeks and the cold has had me longing for the balmy 70 degrees at home. But today something amazing happened. The cold let up. The thermometer rose. The temperature broke records, specifically, record highs! That bad boy rose all the way up to 80! (The average temp this time of year is a cool 46 degrees. Brrr.) Kennedy and I spent most of the day soaking in the vitamin D, sans coats and mittens. It was blissful.

We spent the morning exploring a little park in Schaumburg, getting in touch with nature.

Even though everything was brown, I could feel spring was in the air.

Kennedy didn’t give a hoot about spring. She just wanted to see the ‘duckies’ (aka geese).

Made. Her. Day.

Especially when they swam right up to her.

“One, Two Duckies!”

“More Duckies!”

“Hi Duckies!”

It’s going to be a sad day when she learns how mean those bastards can be.


3 thoughts on “Outdoorsy

    • Thanks! Yes, I applied a filter in Photoshop. For most of these I used Coffee Caramel Dreams Action at varying opacities. I downloaded that particular action from the Coffee Shop Blog (http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/) If you’ve never been to her site, it’s great! She’s got tons of actions that you can download for free, Tutorials and other helpful hints.

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