I took these a few months (mid-January) ago and forgot about them. So enjoy and indulge me as I write about my little one.

These aren’t the best photos in a technical sense- but that smile, it just tugs at my heart.

And those eyes!

And those cheeks! I think I’m addicted to giving them kisses! I mean, literally- I swear my brain gets a buzzing sensation every time I plant one on her.

 And baby giggles! Who doesn’t love baby giggles?

Every morning I look at her and hardly believe that I am so lucky.

It seems unfair that time passes so fast!

At least there are photos. Photos to freeze the moment. Photos for me to look back on when those cheeks are no longer interested in being constantly kissed.


2 thoughts on “Smile.

  1. Oh my, I love the one titled “Looking Shy”. You captured her expression very well. I also like how the duck is “looking shy” with her. Cool!

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