I left you last week with a few images from our long day at the Airport. Well here we are, in my hometown, my first love, Chicago. And before I go on to describe how the streets of this city will forever remain the mac to my cheese, let me say, dang it is COLD! Some days it is so cold it hurts my face. These people are singing praises at 40 degree weather! It makes me want to sit by the fire, curled in a ball of heavy blankets and drink hot coffee until spring shows up. I’ve been spoiled by Southern Winters.

This trip is centered around family visiting, so I don’t have much to show you in the way of Chicago’s most fabulous attractions(cross your fingers and add “yet” to the end of this sentence). Most of our nights look like this:

Every night we eat dinner at my Papa’s nursing home. He’s an amazing person, he was born in Germany and moved here during WWII. He speaks three languages that I know of (he may very well speak more). I wanted to be just like him growing up. He owned a little Italian restaurant, and I swear, to this day I’ve never had better Chocolate mousse. Before that, he ran a club downtown. I remember meeting the mayor there, at Easter Brunch. Today, he suffers from Parkinson’s and seeing Kennedy means the world to him. Seeing them together means the world to me.

Kennedy always takes a night or two to warm up to him, but she’ll always does. The other night she laid her sleepy head in his lap and he just sat there and stroked her hair. It was a beautiful moment. 

Although we live far, we are fortanute enough to have visited several times.

Papa, Mom, Me and Baby in October 2011

Papa and Kennedy, still October 2011.

Before that, July 2010.

And their first meeting, in November 2010. Kennedy was only 4 months old.


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