Making the Best of It: A Day at the Airport

Whew! Tuesday was exhausting. And not the good exhausting. We were at the airport(, eventually, we made it on an airplane). ‘Delay’ was pretty much the word of the day. Not fun for anyone, especially if you are 19 months old. Ditto if you are the mother of said 19 month old. Don’t get me wrong- she did great. No nap, but no horror stories to report. On the bright side, I took advantage of the unplanned break in our schedule and loosely flexed my photography muscle.

Luckily the Baton Rouge Airport had an enclosed playroom. We explored it.

Fittingly, the playroom was decorated with airplanes. My aviation loving offspring took notice of it.

I’m not sure about her, but I thought this little toy was the greatest. Certainly makes for interesting compositions.

Other than the playroom, we passed the time by eating lunch (a ham and cheese sandwich) and waving the the airplanes.

Finally, we spotted our airplane.

And here we are, in the greatest city in the world.


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