Looking Perfect!

May I share the non-baby related highlight of my week last week with you? I found a set of mirrors marked from 100.00 dollars down to 20.00 dollars. And all clearance was an extra 25 percent off. And I had a coupon for 15 percent off. (Thank you Leap year sales!) That’s right, a hundred dollars down to ten dollars! There was shock, elation and happy dancing right there with a row of fluffy pillows on my left and a row of scented candles on my right. (These rows, by the way, were inside our local Kohl’s ) I have to admit, my toe is still tapping happily at the memory.

What makes this even better is that our half bath has lived mirrorless since last July. If you’ve followed me for a while, you may remember the tiny room from this post. If not, here’s a photo:

And now, to the left of the sink resides this pretty little number:

So much better! And so functional. The bathroom is only a few steps from the front door and it’s amazing to have a place to check myself for god-knows-what before I leave the house. ( yep, I am a little vain, but sometimes I wind up with unidentifiable stickiness in my hair and marker under my eye, and I can’t depend on my toddler to give me a heads up.)

It’s hard to get a good photo in such a small space. but here’s the best I could get. Peeking in.

And the all important view from the potty:

 And here’s the other mirror:

It’s like a bonus mirror. All I really needed was the first one, but took this one home too. And I love it. I am not sure where she (curves like that? She’s definitely a she) will wind up. Maybe the nursery? A gallery wall? would it be weird to have a mirror by the bar? Hmmm… The possibilities are endless!

How about you, find any dance worthy deals lately? Any new accessories that make you realize how vain you are?


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