Toy Storage: Check that off the list

So last week I shared our nursery. What I didn’t show you? Our nursery’s closet. It’s bad.

And that’s on a good day. In addition to her pretty little dresses, the closet was home to (a very small portion of)  her toy collection. When she was four months old, a the little box in the corner held all her rattles and teethers with room to spare.  That’s not the case anymore.

It was clear that Kennedy’s room needed dedicated toy storage. So a few months ago, Devin and I decided to put our aside our nightly tv watching to build her some custom toy shelves.

It started out like this:

And then, eventually, this:

Then we built shelves over it:

We worked on it on and off again over the last few months. But finally, this weekend, after a few coats of paint, we moved it into her room and filled it with toys.

Problem solved!

We chose the trough style of toy box so I wouldn’t have to worry about any little fingers getting crushed. To be honest, I don’t love that all her toys are in plain view, so we may add a lid when she gets a little older. I may add a couple of pretty storage boxes.

Still, make no mistake, it’s so much better. We’ve been spending a lot more time playing in her room, rediscovering some of the toys that had long been buried in the closet.

And Kennedy, she loves having easy access to all her toys.


2 thoughts on “Toy Storage: Check that off the list

  1. You may not believe it right now – but one day very soon she will no longer be playing with those toys or stuffed animals. My house was full of toys, lego, stuffed animals – you name it – now my children are 10 and 12 and most of those toys that drove me crazy are gone! Also, gone are those innocent little faces that show delight with every toy they see!

    • I wish she would never grow up! I treasure every second (…well….. not the ones that involve temper tantrums or dirty diapers, I can’t wait till those days are gone!)

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