Holy Paintbrush! I Painted the Dining Room Too!

I was planning on doing it, just not right now. I was planning on concentrating on the living room, making that room thoroughly fabulous before moving on the another room in the house. But after living with the fresh new paint in the living room for a few weeks, the rest of the downstairs started to feel a bit jarring and cave-like. The rooms totally disconnected from one another. I already had all the tools, so I thought why not!

Here’s the before and after:

When you walk through the front door you essentially see a long hall. Too the right is the living room, then a half bath, then then the dining room. The kitchen is to the left, across from the dining room. All the way to the back is the master suite, aka our new playroom.

Now you see:

Minus the kitchen (which I have BIG plans for!), It looks like the rooms belong together again. Once again, they flow, and it’s a lovely feeling.

 Before the red made an awesome statement (my husband would disagree), but the room was just to dark and felt a cramped.I could have added lighting and bought new furniture, but that just isn’t in my budget right now. The color I used is Sherwin Williams 7534 Outerbanks, same as in my living room.

I’ll be the first to admit, the afters are significantly less exciting, but use your imagination to slap some art on the walls and add a couple colorful accessories, and it’s going to look good.

The dining room is also home to our 90 gallon salt water fish tank. Say hello to the fishies.

Side note: This is my favorite fish, he’s a Mandarin Goby. Psychedelic and frog-like, isn’t he?

The tank is pretty awesome… most of the time… when your trying to paint the dining room is one of those exceptions. Then it’s not so awesome. So, a single red wall lives on in our house (secretly, I rejoice in it’s presence!)

You probably noticed that I rearranged the furniture too.

I moved the table off to the side to get it out of the way, and turns out I like it there. The placing is odd, but the room finally feels open.  It’s the first time it’s ever been easy to get to the patio door. I can even contemplate fun things, like curtains!

Of course, ideally, the table and chairs should go where the fish tank is and the tank should be moved to the the other side. Just one monkey wrench it that plan, according to Devin (it’s his tank,) moving the across the room would take a day or the and that is an effort he’s just not willing hasn’t been convinced to make in the name of good space planning. So for now the table stays here. (Feel free to tell him I’m right in the comments, I’m be sure to relay the message!)

What do you think? Any painting going on at your house? Any serendipity happenings in your furniture arrangement lately?


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