The Mini Table for the Mini Me

Remember my post a couple months ago, Her New Chairs? This is a follow-up to that post.

Let me give you a little background. We got those chairs in anticipation of the fact that are roommate of over 5 years was about to move out. And now that that has happened, it’s like there is a new room in the house. Kind of amazing in that sense. All the stuff that never quite had a place seems to be migrating in there. We’ve decided it’s official purpose will be a playroom/ guest room. We’ve had the playroom for about a week (haven’t gotten to the guest room function yet) and it’s been amazing. Devin and I like to joke that we can’t believe such a little person can have two dedicated rooms, while we, her full grown parents, are stuck sharing a room. But it’s like the rest of the house is ours again. Our living room is no longer a precarious path winding around piles of toys, and I haven’t found a plastic figurine in the fridge in at least three days. Love it.

When my roommate left, he left behind his desk, which is actually my old dining table (the first piece of furniture  ever bought for my first apartment! Oh, the memories!)

It’s not the sexiest thing in the world. But it’s nice enough. Solid wood. Definitely exceeds all the necessary criteria of being a table.

And Kennedy needed a play table. All arts and crafts were being done on her belly on the floor and that just wasn’t working out. It was kind of like fate. This table was meant to live another life. A life as Kennedy’s play table. I did a little Google research. The recommended height for a table with 12″  high chairs is 20″. (Our chairs are 11″ high.) I initially marked out 19″ on the chair leg. As always, I had a cute little helper.

But, by the time Devin got home, I was doubting my measurement. The table has an unusually wide apron, and I was afraid her legs wouldn’t have enough clearance. So Devin held Kennedy, sitting in her chair up to the appropriate height, and I marked (on one of the table legs) where the legs on the chair ended. Then Devin unscrewed the legs and worked his power tool magic (i.e. he cut the legs down.) Then he reassembled the legs. Kennedy, as always, helped.

Look at her wield that screwdriver(, I know it’s dangerous, she didn’t hold it for long) She’s going to be a great little DIYer, no?

Batta Bang, Batta Boom. Just like that, she got her own her-size table.

Granted, the table is a bit on the large side. And it needs a facelift. I’m thinking chalkboard paint on the top, with a bright purple or maybe orange on the apron and legs. Maybe I’ll get more adventurous though, try a pattern. Think the table could pull off some checks? I’m not sure yet, but I’ll keep you updated! (Any ideas? Please, shout ’em out!)

Kennedy, however, doesn’t care about the scale or the finish. She loves it.

She colors on it.

And reads on it.

And plays with stickers on it.

She plays with Playdough and drinks milk on it.

And, unfortunately, she occasionally climbs on it,

and dances on it.

She’s even learning how to take pictures on it (Excuse the lack of togetherness- it was first thing on a Sunday morning. I’m showing the photo any way, because my 18 month old took it and I hope that means she’s following my love of photography. And FYI- the camera survived, undamaged!)

What about you? Given any furniture new life lately? Has it been danced on? I kind of think that should be the measure of a furniture’s worth, how often it’s danced on, or at the very least how often dancing occurs around it.


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