One of Those Everyday Moments

This morning was a rough one. Breakfast featured a bowl of cheerios, tossed on the floor. She’s also developed an aversion to clothes, so getting dressed was a twenty minute tug of war session. A trip to the grocery store ended abruptly with the onset of a temper tantrum.

We pulled in the driveway of the house. I unbuckle her and set her free.

A moment later, I see this.

It was either get upset or just go with it. There was no way to win this one. Her shoes were already soaked.  We had nothing better to do. I sighed, grabbed the camera and started snapping.

She splished.

She splashed.

She explored.

She found treasures.

And splashed some more.

She searched for other puddles.

The mud got on her face.

And in her hair.

It was just a wonderful everyday moment that almost didn’t happen. Sometimes I get so caught up with what our plans are and what we should be doing.

Sometimes I forget that she’s a little person who just wants to express herself. So I write this post as a reminder to myself; To let always let her play in the mud; to not fuss over spilled Cheerios; to let her run around naked, occasionally. To let her be her amazing 18- month- old self.


3 thoughts on “One of Those Everyday Moments

    • I think you’re spoiling her a-plenty! And make no mistake- playing in the mud is not- will not- be a regular occurrence around here!

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