An Afternoon at the Museum… with 3 Kids Under 3… is Exhausting

That’s right last week we drove to the Lafayette and visited the Children’s Museum of Acadiana. In total, there were 6 of us, Kennedy and I, of course, and our friends, Chloe (who is 2) and Dean (who is 9 months), and their parents. The kids had a blast, the parents did too. Here’s some of the details of the excursion.

One of the first rooms was the Grocery Store. Kennedy and Chloe pushed around little grocery carts like mad women grocery shopping before a Sunday dinner.

Don’t expect many smiles from my little redhead in this post. She refused to nap that morning.

They also ‘rang up’ all their items, which mostly consisted of slamming random buttons until the register opened.

Chloe, much to her Daddy’s dismay, focused on items like soymilk, tofu, and radishes.

Kennedy, not to be outdone, went straight to the meat aisle and filled her cart with t-bones and sausages.

Then there was the Toddler Play Area. It was a wide open area filled with a playhouse, a treehouse, a train set, a couple horses to climb, books to read and puzzles to figure out. Pretty much the stuff toddler dreams are made of.

The train set table has a hole in the center so you can be surrounded, the complete 360 degrees, by trains. Awesomeness.

This was pretty much the best smile I got all afternoon, atleast, on camera. This in a little treehouse. She loved it. Claimed it as her own. The only way to get her out was to climb up in there myself.

But right back in she’d go. I promised her we’d build her one. Seriously, can you imagine a tree house loft over her bed in a couple years? I think that would officially make her childhood magical!

I think Baby Dean was a fan of the tree house too. Especially with his Mama in the window.

Sharing the horsey… It lasted about 30 seconds…

And there was a Bubble Room. I was sure this would blow lil’ miss’s mind, but didn’t go over as well as I thought. Must be the lack of nap in the air.

The photo’s terrible, but isn’t that awesome? You can create a bubble around yourself. That’s right, you can be inside a bubble! We need one of these at the house too! (For me, but Kennedy can play too!)


There were also a bunch of troughs and wands to make huge bubbles.

There was a Cafe too.

Look at that, brother and sister making red beans and rice!

What a handsome boy!

I went a little photo crazy with him!

Last one!

There was also a newsroom.

“And now to Kennedy for the latest on the state of the economy.”

An ambulance.

Before I know it, she’ll be able to see over that wheel!

A veterinary office.

He likes monkeys.

About seven minutes after we got in the car to go home, I looked back and the Kennedy was sound asleep. At just the same time, I got a text saying Chloe and Dean had zonked out too. That has got to be some sort of record, three babies asleep in less than seven minutes.

What an afternoon!


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