Homemade Wishes

I am ashamed to say that I have never sent out Christmas cards, or really, any cards. I didn’t even send out birth announcements when my little girl was born. The guests at my wedding were lucky they received invitations. I have always wanted to, planned to even, but I am a master at procrastination, and before I know it, it is too late.

This year is no exception. I did, however, get around to making a few cards last week. (Dad- if your reading this- stop right now!) Too late to send them, but it is the first step, right?  These will go to the friends and family that I am fortunate enough to spend the holidays with. Next year I swear I’ll send Christmas Cards, I’ll start in July if that’s what it takes!

I wanted to share them with you. On the front, Kennedy stamped her hand with green paint to make a ‘Christmas tree.’  I supplemented by painting red ornaments, a brown base and placing gold stars stickers at the top.

Inside you’ll find a this year’s Santa photo (with Kennedy expressing her affection for Santa, see more on that here),and a short message stamped in silver.

The Schmitt Family wishes you much joy this holiday season (and beyond, of course.)

Happy Holidays!


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