A quick and clean diy

Some of you may remember that a couple posts about a bathroom renovation. It’s coming along, but very slowly. It’s hard to find time to play with a nail gun when you have a 16 month old running around, not to mention the holidays and the traveling we’ve been doing. But this diy isn’t actually about that bathroom. (Although one could say it was born from it’s slow progress) It’s about our half bath, downstairs.

This bathroom is your standard tucked-under-the-stairway-5’x5′-half-bath. Very difficult to photograph.  I wish I could say that it’s current state was my handiwork, but we hired a guy to redo it back when I was working. The tile, wainscoting, sink, hardware and paint is all new. It’s probably the most complete room in our house, and probably the nicest too. Can you guess what is still missing? Art! I decided to try my hand at some graphic art. From the beginning, I knew I wanted the message “wash your hands.” It is simple and bathroom appropriate. And from the mommy standpoint, I want as many letters around Kennedy as I can get (not to mention that she should wash her hands)

I was really inspired by these:

Pinned ImagePinned ImageKids Bathroom Art, Wash Your Hands, Brush Your Teeth, Set of Two, pick custom colors, size 8x10




One my first try I used Photoshop and came up with the image below. I didn’t like it.  It was slightly pixelated, the black bubbles looked kind of like ink splotches, and the graphic was too similar to one of the images I was inspired by. And the colors were just a little too jarring in print.

So, a few days later, I tried again.

This time was a success! I used Indesign, which is more appropriate for this type of art than Photoshop. I love the layout and colors (btw- I used Kuler for the color palette. Never been there? Check it out, it’s a forum for color palettes, and it has all sorts of tools for creating your own color palettes. If you have adobe products, you can download the palette right into your program. It’s awesome!)

I feel a little egotistical offering this, but here’s a link to a PDF if you want to use it yourself (or give it as a gift!)- Wash your Hands. I just ask that if you do use it, you share a photo with me!

I spray painted a thrift store frame white (it took 3 coats), and I used pink craft paint to paint the matte that came in the thrift store frame pink (also three coats.)

… And drum roll please!

Looks much better! (We also switched the light to a daylight florescent, which makes the whole room less yellowish.)  I’m contemplating whether I should hang it on the wall, or leave it leaning. For now, I’d rather not put a hole in the wall.

What do you think?

I have all kinds of ideas for other kinds little messages. Like “Put your dishes in the dishwasher” for the kitchen. Ok, that was a joke; a bad one. But seriously, this graphic art thing is so easy, and it has serious potential. What message would you frame?


4 thoughts on “A quick and clean diy

  1. wow. That is very cool! I love your design/colors/image. I will have to research how to do that! I don’t have Photoshop, but Photoshop Elements. Wonder if I can still use Kuler? What a wonderful idea!

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