All shiny and bright

Our tree that is. We finally got it up on Sunday, and she bea-u-ti-ful!

The image is a bit grainy, but here’s last year’s tree, look how small my little munchkin is!

But on to the present(…and presents! haha). In all the previous years, our tree has been predominantly red, but this year I stole all the red ornaments for another little project. So we went with blue with a little silver and a couple of clear balls.

That’s Pierre (our roommate) and Kennedy with the naked tree. And, yes, we have a fake white tree. And, yes, I love that it’s white.

As with our previous tree decorating experience, Kennedy was less interested in the tree and more interested in pulling the ornaments apart. She’d pull the top off and go “Uh-Ooohh!” We did what we could to direct her attention to the tree itself.

Here it is in all it’s glow-y gloriousness!

Ok, just one more:

But that’s not all. We also hung our stockings. They started on the mantle, but we quickly realized that, at that height, they were just begging to be tugged down by she who toddles. So they ended up by the TV. I kind of like them there, the cover the chaos.

Devin also lit up the outside with icicles. They look so festive!

I’ve seen all those Christmas photos of babies wrapped up in Christmas lights, and I love them. I decided to give it a shot with Kennedy. Devin was like “you want to do what with my child?” But I talked him in to it. Kennedy, on the other hand, tolerated it for about 30 seconds. The problem: she didn’t like being attached to the wall.

I may try it again later, maybe further away from dinner time.

Merry Christmas!


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