Jingle Bells, It’s beginning to feel like, I need a little, Grandma got ran over by a raindeer

That’s right, it is officially the holiday season in this house. Am I a few weeks late? Maybe. Is my Christmas shopping done? Not even close. Is it started? Barely! But we had a light- filled Christmastastic weekend, and it’s got me singing Christmas Carols loudly and proudly! That statement was a bit over the top, huh? Toning it down(, but not too much.. it is Christmas, after all!)

So weekend recap: Friday night we went to a play at one of the local churches, called A Twin Living Christmas. You’ll understand the name once you see the photos:

Look a little closer..

The music was awesome, it really got me in the spirit!

On Saturday we headed out to Lafayette, and helped some friends of ours decorate their tree. When I say we helped, I mean I took photos and Kennedy pulled the ornaments apart. Devin graciously let Chloe, the two year old, order him where to put the ornaments.

Then we took the kids to the Christmas festival at Acadian Village. As you could probably interpret from the name, Acadian Village is a historically preserved Acadian Village. During the month of December they cover the village in lights. It is quite spectacular. I couldn’t quite catch the majesty of it all with my camera.

The Church was my favorite… Isn’t it brilliant?

I just love the Crawfish!

There were lots of corny photo ops,  but the kids weren’t up for properly placing their heads in the holes.

And there were rides… As par for the course, we stuck to the carousel.

It’s not over yet, (I warned you it was Christmastastic) On Sunday we lit up our own tree, but I am going to save that for another post.

What did you do this weekend, anything in the spirit of the holidays? Is your shopping done? Anyone have any tips on photographing lights with a DSLR?



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