The Last Few Austin Adventures

Any one ever been to Chuy’s? It’s pretty much the best Tex-Mex in the state of Texas, at least according the locals. The atmosphere was nothing to sneeze at either. See below? Those are hubcaps covering the ceiling

And those, those are Pez lining the bar. How’s that for design aesthetic?

And here’s the lobby, all gussyed for Christmas. ((According to the hostess, it was decorated in the spirit of a drunken Christmas) note the upside down Christmas Trees.)

The company was nothing to sneeze at either. We left the baby with Rebecca’s mom, so it was just us twentysomethings (me, Rebecca and her boyfriend, Chad). Aren’t they cute?

The next day we headed downtown. Rebecca and Chad had taken me to 6th street one night earlier in the week, where we listened to an awesome band called the Space Rockers, and I drank a cranberry-vodka (Seriously a big deal for me, I realized as I took my first sip that I hadn’t had a drop of liquor in over two years!) Downtown in the daytime was a different sight, Not quite as glitzy, but still impressively clean.

Our first stop was the Museum of the Weird. If you ever find yourself trying to find something to do in Austin, you can skip this attraction, especially if you have a 1 year old. If you don’t, I ‘d still skip it. It’s a basically one room full of  ‘real’ shrunken heads and mermen statues.

We then headed up the street to the Driskill Hotel. Apparently the hotel is haunted by several ghosts. It is also hauntingly beautiful.

The lounge was my favorite. It was so masculine and Texas-y. I love copper ceiling!

I am not a huge fan of fur…. but this cowhide downright sexy.

Then we headed to the Arthouse, an art museum also downtown. But it was Monday, and the Museum is closed on Mondays. On the bright side, we got a great view of the state capitol.

And that was it. We headed home the next morning, and here we are, as always, working on the house, reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, baking cookies and blogging.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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