Austin Day 2: Giant Donuts and Salado

Our second day in Austin was fabulous. We started the day out by treating ourselves to Round Rock Donuts. Round Rock Donuts was made famous when the Man vs. Food guy visited and successfully consumed their feature giant chocolate covered donut.

Can you imagine eating all that? The employees were super friendly and they insisted that Kennedy take a photo with the donut, you know, for comparison.

They had lots of other, more practical sized, goodies there as well.

Hungry yet?

This was Kennedy’s first encounter with with the Donut. Although she stuck mostly to the plain cake donut, I let her try a few bites of the glazed and the chocolate covered donuts. She was one happy baby.

Once we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves we headed to a craft show that Rebecca’s aunt was working. Miraculously, the rain stopped on the way, and we stopped in the town of Salado. Salado’s main street is full of coffee shops, antiques, and art galleries. It is charming and it was all decorated for the holidays making it even more beautiful. The neatest thing is the park that was once home to Salado’s University. The University burned down in the 1800’s  and the ruins are left to commemorate the school. I don’t know about you, but I love ruins. They are so intriguing; what was this? Who stood stood where I am? Why did it catch fire? What would a happened if it didn’t?

I could have spent the whole day just pondering what once stood there. But it was cold and there was more to see.

Isn’t this just about the most charming thing you’ve ever seen?

There was a glass blowing studio. They offered classes, and glass blowing is something I have always wanted to try my hand at, but you had to make an appointment.It was still really neat to watch the blob of molten liquid transform into a  perfect globe (They were making ornaments.)

The Billy Goat’s Gruff guarding the Bridge.

This just screams Austin to me!

This too…

Despite the weather, isn’t gorgeous?

Rebecca took these of us. Kennedy loved that sculpture. Guess we’ll have to get one.

It started to drizzle again, so we headed back to the car and continued on. I am so glad the weather held out as long as it did and we got to experience Salado.


7 thoughts on “Austin Day 2: Giant Donuts and Salado

  1. Great photography…..I love old buildings and ruins too. And the bike photos are wonderful. I’ve always wanted to visit Austin! Thanks for sharing….and also for visiting my site.

    • Austin is a great destination, you could probably read between the words, but I highly recommend it! And thank you for posting your photos of Chicago, it’s where I grew up and one of the things I miss most about it is the holiday season!

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