Falling for Austin

So I have been MIA again.  Kennedy and I are fresh back from a trip to Austin.

We went to visit the beautiful lady on the  right. (Believe it or not, that’s me  next to her in white!) Her name is Rebecca and she is one of my best friends. Rebecca and I hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half, and she had never met Kennedy. We had an amazing time, I took almost 300 pictures! Unfortunately, Austin’s 6 month drought ended shortly after our plane touched down, and the weather was cold, wet, and nasty the entire visit, so the photos aren’t of Austin’s most famous attractions, which all seem to be outside. the weather didn’t get us down though. We did a lot. And I am officially in love with Austin. I love the green belts that run throughout the city. I love the bike paths. The parks. The lack of litter. The architecture downtown. The nightlife. The friendly citizens. The food! I can’t wait to go back and see what else this amazing city has to offer.

The first day we went to IKEA. Louisiana isn’t graced with an Ikea of it’s own, so this was a real treat for me. The baby loved it too, it was like her own personal 200,000 square foot playground. We started out in the children’s section.

I am not so excited about Ikea’s furniture, I’d rather build it or refinish it. It’s the every day items that get me, like these hangers, they are so bright and colorful… Who wouldn’t want want to hang their clothes on them?

Did you know I love red? Kennedy must too, she got very comfy in this bedroom setup.

Loved this wall of vases… Wouldn’t it be neat to have a wall like this in your dining room?

Took this next one in honor of Texas… We definitely don’t see cactus (Cacti?) in Louisiana.

And finally, we made it through the warehouse.

That night we went to Rudy’s BBQ. I forgot my camera, but trust me, it was an experience! They have this machine that’s like a car wash for your hands. You just stick them in and it soaps and rinses them. Very nifty. The food was purchased by the pound. We got brisket, potato salad and creamed corn. The food was almost as good as the hand washing experience. Plus, it was messy so I could wash my hands again when the meal was over.

That was day one. I’ll be back with more of our adventure tomorrow, but there are just too many photos for one post.


3 thoughts on “Falling for Austin

  1. Hi Cara,

    This is Molly Block in Houston. I’m enjoying reading your blog posts — and looking at your photos. You’ve got a great eye!

    Anyway, I am a volunteer contributor to the Unconsumption blog, and I would love to feature on our site your shot of the Salado bike fence. Of course, I’d give credit to you and link back to this page. Also, if it’s okay with you, I might feature one or two of your Chuy’s restaurant photos (likely the hubcap and Pez container photos) in a separate post. I have to say that of all the Chuy’s restaurants that I’ve visited over the years, the original Austin location remains my favorite. (My first visit to it was in 1984, during my first year at college at UT!)

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