Leaf Pile

I am sure some of you are well into the unofficial winter months, but here in Louisiana, sweater weather is just coming upon us. It is lovely, the sun is bright, the air is crisp, and the leaves are falling. This afternoon was no exception. I took advantage of the perfect weather and hauled the little one, and her dinosaur toy, outside. While she played and drank her juice I raked up the leaves that were scattered around our front yard. Memories of my childhood hit me like a ton of bricks. As a child, Autumn was my favorite season. I grew up just out side of Chicago and there the leaves turn brilliant colors and walking home feels from school feels straight out of a fairy tale. The best part? The leaf piles. I could jump in those things for hours. All the neighborhood kids would get together and create a monster pile that took up half the street.

I only hesitated for a second… Kennedy is too young, there could be bugs or sharp sticks in the pile. No, I threw caution and logic to the wind(well as much as one can with a 16 month old), I want this little girl to love fall as much as I do.

At first, she was intrigued…

Then mildly amused…

But just as I thought she was getting in to it…

The neighbors dog showed up, and she was way more interested in him…

Oh, to be a kid again!


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