The 30 Day Photo Challenge Day 3

Our weekend was spent mostly doing research on tiling, splurging at Lowes and staring at our bare plywood bathroom floor (more on that later today!). We did, however, make a trip to the levee in Downtown BR and had a little family time. If you are ever in Baton Rouge, it is one of the most interesting places in the city. There is plenty to explore including a bike path, railroad tracks, an over sized Baton Rouge etc. The most interesting part, however is probably the people. We saw other families, people on dates, people running, people who’d spent all night at the casino, and lots of other people getting their photos taken. My favorite model was the bodybuilder in a shiny blue speedo!

Here I was able to capture a photo for the third challenge, clouds.

There weren’t many clouds, but I think the sky is what really makes the photo. I would call it a successful photo, wouldn’t you?

Here are a couple runner ups:

You can see my my previous challenges here and here. The second link also explains the challenge.

Devin and Kennedy were very understanding about me turning paparazzi on them. I think they even enjoyed it! Before I go, here are a couple other jems from the afternoon:

A tree with the Shaw Center in the background.

My little climber Doing her thang!

Looking out onto the Mighty Mississippi.

Rail Road tracks.

This girl loves her some dirt and rocks. I see geology in her future.

More exploring!

A reflection of the bridge as the sun starts to set.

And, this is my absolute favorite! If you look at no other photo, look at this one! There is no doubt she is her father’s daughter! 


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