Making a Schmitty Bathroom Beautiful

As promised, here’s the bathroom I’ve been living with for over a year:

Maybe it doesn’t look so bad from that photo, but look closer…

That was our light fixture, bare flourescent, and our wall heavily spackled, but never sanded, and our peeling ceiling. Here you can see the outdated sink and the sheet linoleum floor, which squeaks so bad everybody on the second floor can hear your every move. Not to mention lack of storage.

I don’t think the pictures quite capture how miserable this space is. Trust me… it’s bad. We’ve lived here 5 years… how did it get so bad and why did it stay so bad for so long? Well until last year, I rarely stepped foot upstairs. We had roommates that lived up here, and Devin and I roomed in the master bedroom downstairs, which had it’s own bathroom. I don’t even remember what this bathroom looked like when we moved in, so I can’t blame the horrible condition on them. We played musical rooms just before the arrival of Baby Kennedy. Devin and I took over the two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, one roommate moved out and the other moved to the master suite. (Before you go thinking how weird that is, let me say that Devin and I were both in school when we got hitched, both roommates were around before we got married, and we saw no reason to change that because of a change in last name. Pierre, our still current roommate, is like family. If he could live with a crying newborn, we saw no reason why the arrangement couldn’t continue to work. And it does.) When we moved up stairs we got new carpet and fixed all the holes in the walls on the second floor. Somehow during to the sanding process, the bathroom got missed. And nine months prego me was in no mood to tackle a bathroom redo. So we’ve lived with it.

Until now….

I have put this little Inspiration Palette together to give you an idea of the direction the bathrooms is headed (and to keep me focused). Simple but fun. What do you think?

And a little more inspiration, found via Pinterest.

Pinned Image


Navy bathroom idea...


black and white tile for bathroom


I am hoping by tomorrow all the adhesive will be off the floor and the ceiling won’t need be a movie snack any longer. Stay tuned!

Any one else so a bathroom redo lately? I’d love to see pics!



8 thoughts on “Making a Schmitty Bathroom Beautiful

  1. We went white, with grey tiles on floor and the wall of the shower, little glass numbers for accent tiles, plus a huge white vanity with tonnes and tonnes of storage. That’s still a work in progress, so pictures will go up next week or so, but the tub makes me go all gooey eyed just thinking about it. It’s not that I have that many baths, but I am damn well going to enjoy them when I do.

    • That tub is superb! If it was installed in my bathroom I’m pretty sure I would spend all my time in there, not even bathing, just staring at it! Seriously, I can’t wait to see your finished pictures, it is going to look so sleek and amazing!

      • Next week, I hope. Tub is downstairs waiting to be installed. That vanity reminds me of the one in our temporary accommodation. No room to store anything, and ugly to boot.

        Bathrooms are important. It’s worth getting it right.

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