A Big Day

Yesterday was the first day of the the rest of my life.

I handed the form in to Kennedy’s school. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m was struggling with the decision of continuing to look for a job or becoming a full time stay at home mommy. Well, decision made. I’m to become a cookie baking, Girl Scout leading, minivan driving kinda girl. Well, let’s be honest, I will never ever drive a minivan. (I am not judging you if you do, it’s just I am kind of a crazy driver, and me + a large vehicle= bad idea. ) I have the full support of my family on this choice. I could have held out a little longer, but the truth is, I haven’t sent out a resume in weeks. And this whole transition phase has me totally deflated, I need to dedicate myself to something fully. And, although I am forever dedicated to my family, the mentality isn’t the same with the possibility of a 40+ hour work week hanging above my head. It’s weird, this decision is like an out of body experience. Whenever I contemplate my decision, I feel like I am watching it all unfold on Netflix.

This decision did spur my project list into action though.  After Thanksgiving fixing up the house will only occur when Kennedy is sleeping so that means nothing with toxic fumes, no nail gun, and nothing loud near her room. Seriously limits me. Especially when it comes to the Upstairs bathroom, which shares a wall with her nursery. This bathroom is the worst room in the house. It has, or I should say had(!), .25 cent linoleum flooring, a peeling popcorn ceiling, bisque appliances with bisque walls that had holes which were spackled but never sanded. The space was lit by uncover florescent bulbs. And no hardware to hang towels, or a place to store them for that matter. The worst part is the floor squeaks so loud that Devin and I actually brush our teeth in the half bath downstairs to avoid waking the baby up. This room is not pretty, and a space like this does not inspire a girl to look pretty either. I have had a clear vision of what I want this bathroom to look like for months, but as a Working Mom, I had no time to deal with it. Then, as a Mom looking for a job I was too stressed to deal with it. Well no more excuses, I didn’t stop to do research or think about the job ahead. I tore into that bathroom like a mad women. I used a sand block to even out the walls and them I ripped up the linoleum. It was fun, exhilarating even! And the bear wood subflooring looks way better than the linoleum. But it can’t stay like that. So last night after Devin got home, he and I got home we put together a plan of action. This morning he put a few properly placed screws in the floor, and now, music to my ears, we can use the bathroom without the state of Indiana knowing about it. So in the next two weeks we, (mostly I), will remove the popcorn ceiling, replace the medicine cabinet, lay tile, install board and batton, replace the light, paint the sink base, paint the walls and install hardware. I also want to add a chair rail around the living room and add built-ins. Not to mention decorating the house with Thanksgivingy goodness. This may not sound like a lot to some of you, but I have never done 95% of those things before. Do you think I can do it all? I’m pumped.

I am working on pictures… I am having technical difficulties. Maybe Monday?

Stay tuned and wish me luck on both endeavors!




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