The 30 Day Photo Challenge Day 2

Remember yesterday I started the Challenge with a self portrait?

Today’s task was photographing what I’m wearing. I felt good about it. I had dressed with a purpose this morning. (Today was homecoming at Kennedy’s school. I had to have school spirit!) I had figured out to set the self timer yesterday. I was going to have a photo shoot with myself. This was going to be fun. I imagined clean white back drop to my purple and gold outfit make really pop. I even pulled some gaudy gold heels that I bought way back in the day, just cause they would be fun.

I should tell you now; this post should be titled “Awkward”, or maybe even “Fail.”

Turns out doing a photo shoot with yourself is hard. Especially in gaudy gold heels. Maybe if I had the whole day things would have turned out better. …. but here’s the best I got:

It just screams high school. And not in a good way (if there is a good way). It’s not really about the clothes either. And the editing is not my best. Turns out creating a clean white backdrop is not easy either. Ehh… oh well I need some more practice.

For your amusement purposes, here are some badly photoshopped outtakes:

I’m tempted to do it again in a few weeks and see if I can do better. I’ll use better lighting and iron the back drop. Nor will I wear ribbons in my hair or gold on my feet.

Anyone have any advice? Tell me where I went wrong? Have you ever done a photo shoot with yourself and was it a disaster or a success?


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