This is what Kennedy is wearing today.

Isn’t it cute? I made the skirt myself using this Tutorial from Prudent Baby. It’s the second thing I’ve ever made using my sewing machine. (The first was her Halloween costume) And it was easy too!

Here’s another angle:

I just love it. And the boots, I love the boots too! I got those yesterday at Target. This little girl is a diva in the making! She looks so good in everything I put on her.

It’s a huge contrast to me, who at any give time is in workout clothes or jeans and a tee. I’ve tried, but I have never been able to wear anything really exciting, I never get the proportions or the accessories right, and I wind up feeling ridiculous. These days I mostly stick with black so I don’t have to deal with it. But everything I choose for Kennedy looks so natural on her. Maybe I just need to pretend I’m two feet tall.

Is anyone else in the same boat? To those that master a polished look everyday, how do you do it?


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