A Trip to the Fair

How was your weekend? We had a good one.

Saturday our in-laws drove up and we all went to the State Fair. I LOVE fairs, really, there is something about the combination corndogs, blinking lights and cheap stuffed animals that just gets me. This trip was not disappointing.

First we started with food. I positively enjoyed the tasty deliciousness that is known as the caramel apple.

Then we made a beeline for the petting zoo. There were of course goats and sheep, but there were more exotic animals as well, like llamas and kangaroos.

That’s Kennedy with her Nana. She’s not so sure about the llama. Next to the petting zoo was a series of farm life exploration stations. Kennedy was more into the corndog.

She liked the tractor though.

Then we visited the clown. It was the least scary clown I’ve ever seen. Kennedy got a hot pink balloon dog.,

Then to the stage, where we boogied.

And, finally, to the rides! I had been looking forward to a family trip around the ferris wheel all week, but it turns out all riders must be 36” tall to ride. So I have to wait till next year.

We settled on the merry-go-round.

On our way out we spotted lawn mower pull races. Some of the tractors were fitted with V8 engines(, I’m told that’s ridiculous.) Devin loved it. He got his Louisiana Redneck on.

All-in-all, it was a good time. And what’s a perfect Saturday without watching the Tigers beat Bama? Geaux Tigers! (Sorry, I felt it was my moral duty to slip that in somewhere.)


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