The Very First DIY: Adding the N.E.H.I.L.

With all the experience of a four day blogger, I can tell you one of the great things about blogging is that I have to have something worth blogging about. Since I have no limits on the content of the Schmitt House- it could be anything- the baby’s toes, my hubby’s laugh, current events of the world, inspiration, lack of inspiration, laundry… you get the point… anything. But my goal is to write about something more interesting than the laundry, something that will change your life some small way. I am obligated to show progress in my life, and when you get right down to it, I am a DIY/Mama blog junky myself…. So, here is the first of many diy-oriented posts.

My house is in a constant state of flux and I have ideas, and direction, but I have never before written them down. But, as you can see on the side bar, I finally did, and I am sure it’s not complete. That list is a beast that will only evolve and grow. In fact, I just remembered that “Paint the Front Door” is not on there. Note to self, must add. 

I love lists. Crossing a completed item off my list is an amazing feeling. So accomplished, so satisfied. Sometimes I add things that are already completed to my list, just so I can cross it off. A little pathetic, maybe, but, hey, it’s the small things in life. 

So check out my list, or don’t. Or make your own. 


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